Brianne Chantal Patterson steals videos from youtuber

That's right the thief of Burnaby has stolen content again and claims that it is hers.


Her account will not be in good standing for long.

Stolen from youtube

Watch how quickly her content disappears as she tries to cover her stinky trail.

Brianna is obsessed with Kelly Clarkson

Candace even stole her middle name. Stalker much?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brianne lies some more

The lying youtube thief has posted this on her blog "addressing the lies". LMFAO

Oh, and while we're on the subject of her lies, she is ALSO now claiming that I am a "video thief" and that I've been suspended from YouTube. Not true. I've been on YouTube with one username and one username only, annechantal1, and it has been in good standing (regarding Community Guidelines AND Copyright Strikes) since September 2009. The YouTube username that Holly is claiming was me, BrianneCPatterson, was not. On July 21st it was suspended for impersonation OF me, and I'm pretty sure we can all guess who was behind it!

In other words, Holly Briley has far too much time on her hands. I will be addressing the latest issue and filing a new harassment complaint against Holly with the RCMP in the very near future!
Her account may be in good standing for now, but not for long.  It has been PROVEN here that Brianne Chantal Candace Patterson has stolen videos.  

Brianne rips off Mscanucks01

Brianne spliced content from this youtuber.

Brianne's video because we all know how often she gets out of her stinky pajamas to go a concert. NEVER.

Brianne rips off leahkirsty

THIEF!!!!! THIEF!! And yet another stolen video is identified and owner alerted.

The original owner's video.

And now Brianne's stolen video

STEALING Nick Carter

This is fun.  How many stolen videos can we find today?  ALL of them? LOL  Here is the original video length .11 and Brianne's video.  WHOA It is the same length.  Guess there wasn't enough to chop to make it look like it was her own.

The REAL video:

Brianne's thievery:

More STOLEN videos

Brianne Chantal caught stealing videos AGAIN.

The STOLEN video complete with Brianne's "video recorded by annechantal1" HARDLY! You have to leave your house to record video, rotten crotch.

Uploaded by  on May 24, 2008
Melanie C performing When You're Gone live in Vancouver

Youtube Thief

It has been widely reported that Candace Anne Patterson aka Brianne Chantal Patterson uses youtube as a place to rip off other youtubers and claim their work as her own.  Recently Candace stole several videos and was forced to remove them.  Clean up your act, Candy. We are onto you and will be reporting EVERY SINGLE VIDEO you steal.